Gather: Information

I’m often asked for referrals to podcasts, blogs and resources by new parents, friends and colleagues. The following people, books, pages and podcasts are people that I admire or have found helpful throughout my journey as a parent and Midwife.

Please note I am not affiliated with and do not receive any compensation for listing any of the following links. 

Midwives & OB’s

Indie Birth (Maryn Green)
Midwife Thinking (Rachel Reed)
The Matrona (Whapio Bartlett)
Shafia Monroe
Feminist Midwife
The Midwife Is In
Rise Up Midwife (China Tolliver)
These Are My Hours
The OBGynoWino (Nathan Riley)

Self Learning

The Beautiful Cervix Project (Instructions for finding, observing and understanding the cervix)

Herbalists & Integrative Practitioners

Natural MD Radio (Dr. Aviva Romm)
Herbal Medicine For Women (Dr. Aviva Romm)

Birth Rights, Politics, Advocacy & Activism

Reproductive Justice: An Introduction (Loretta J. Ross & Rickie Sollinger)
Birthing Outside The System: The Canary In The Coal Mine (Eds. Dahlen; Bashi Kumar-Hazard & Schmied)
The Roar Behind The Silence (Eds. Sheena Byrom & Soo Downe)
Pregnancy & Power (Rickie Solinger)
Birth Work As Care Work (Alana Apfel)

Birth Stories 

Indie Birth: A Story Of Radical Birth Love (Maryn Green & Margo Blackstone)
In The Spirit Of Homebirth (Ed. Bronwyn Preece)

Birth Photography & Videos

Mindful Mother Doula (Red Deer & Area, Alberta)
Shelby Story Photography (Red Deer & Area, Alberta)
Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth 
These Are My Hours

Abortion Care

Natural Liberty (The Sage Femme Collective)
IPAS – Health, Access, Rights

Trans / Non-Binary & Queer Birth

Where’s The Mother? – Stories From A Transgender Dad (Trevor MacDonald)
Birth For Every Body
MAIA Midwifery & Fertility 
Moss The Doula – Remote Trans & Queer Support
Trans Fertility Co.
Biff And I – Trystan Reese

Midwifery & Preparing For Birth Books

Birthing From Within
(Pam England)
Ancient Map For Modern Birth (Pam England)
Heart Centred Pregnancy Journal (Nikki Shaheed)
Birth As An American Rite of Passage (Robbie Davis-Floyd)
Optimal Care In Childbirth (Henci Goer)
Homebirth Cesarean (Courtney Key Jarecki)
When Survivors Give Birth (Penny Simkin & Phyllis Klaus)
Anti-D In Midwifery (Sara Wickham)
Midwifery For Expectant Parents (Aubre Tompkins)

Holding Space

Holding Space – On Loving, Dying & Letting Go (Amy Wright Glenn)
Birth, Breath & Death (Amy Wright Glenn)
Being With Dying (Joan Halifax)

Nutrition, Nourishment & Favourite Cookbooks 

Real Food For Gestational Diabetes (Lily Nichols)
Real Food For Pregnancy (Lily Nichols)
The First 40 Days (Heng Ou)
Outlander Kitchen (Theresa Carle-Sanders)
Five Seasons Of Jam (Lillie O’Brien)
The Nourished Kitchen

Herbal Texts & Books 

Botanical Medicine For Women’s Health (Aviva Romm)
The Boreal Herbal (Beverley Gray)
The Natural Pregnancy Book (Aviva Romm)
Natural Health After Birth (Aviva Romm)
Plant Magic: Herbalism In Real Life (Christine Buckley)

Intersectional Feminism, Essays, Critical Gender, Disability & Race Theory

The Body Is Not An Apology (Sonya Renee Taylor)
The Remedy – Queer and Trans Voices On Health & Health Care (Ed. Zena Sharman)
Witches, Witch Hunting & Women (Silvia Fedirici)
Secret Feminist Agenda (Hannah McGregor)
Care Work : Dreaming Disability Justice (Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha)