Shared Pathways

I’m often asked for referrals to podcasts, blogs and resources by new parents, friends and colleagues. The following people, books, pages and podcasts are a few of the many people that I admire as they approach pregnancy and birth from an healthy, multifaceted perspective.


Indie Birth (Maryn Green)
Midwife Thinking (Rachel Reed)
Progressive Parenting Radio (Gena Kirby)
The Matrona (Whapio Bartlett)
Feminist Midwife

Herbalists & Integrative Practitioners

Natural MD Radio (Dr. Aviva Romm)
Herbal Medicine For Women (Dr. Aviva Romm)
Sage Mountain (Rosemary Gladstar)
Herbal Health Expert  (Susun Weed)

Abortion Care

Natural Liberty (The Sage Femme Collective)
Making Women Pay (Rachel Roth)
IPAS – Health, Access, Rights

Midwifery/ Birth Texts & Books

Birthing From Within
(Pam England)
Birth As An American Rite of Passage (Robbie Davis-Floyd)
The Roar Behind The Silence (Eds. Sheena Byrom & Soo Downe)
Optimal Care In Childbirth (Henci Goer)

Holding Space

Holding Space – On Loving, Dying & Letting Go (Amy Wright Glenn)
Birth, Breath & Death (Amy Wright Glenn)
Being With Dying (Joan Halifax)

Herbal Texts & Books 

Botanical Medicine For Women’s Health (Aviva Romm)
Healing Wise (Susun Weed)
The Boreal Herbal (Beverley Gray)

Feminist/Gender Theory

The Body Is Not An Apology (Sonya Renee Taylor)
The Remedy – Queer and Trans Voices On Health & Health Care (Ed. Zena Sharman)
Witches, Witch Hunting & Women (Silvia Fedirici)
Secret Feminist Agenda (Hannah McGregor)