Pregnancy, labour & birth are normal, human events.

Choosing a caregiver to support you through a birth experience is always an important decision, regardless of whether you’ve had a baby before or not. When planning your birth, it’s important to get clear with yourself around what you need to feel safe and well supported during your pregnancy and birth – and to make sure that the caregiver you’ve chosen is well aligned with your birth philosophies.

Within the midwifery model of care, pregnancy, labour, birth and infant feeding are viewed as a normal life process that only occasionally require outside assistance. Are you interested in exploring the physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth? Do you already have an idea of how you would like to support yourself and how you might want to be supported by others?

Are you looking for care that supports your right to make informed, autonomous decisions about your body, your baby and your birth?

Choosing A Midwife

Registered Midwives are autonomous, primary maternity caregivers who are experts in supporting physiologic birth. Under…

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